I have a new role with the Self Help Connection as a “Peer Support Consultant.”


I have expanded my services into the Halifax Regional Municipality working within the Self Help Connection as a Peer Support Consultant.  I will be contracting with them from Monday to Wednesday from 8am -4pm  at their office at 63 King Street in Dartmouth, NS.  You can reach me there at 902-466-2011.

My job description is as follows:

Peer Support

This stream offers one-on-one peer support to all participants as they begin to use their new skills in addition to the following:

Recovery: Works with all participants as they progress through the five stages of recovery.

Consultations: Provides one-on-one consultations designed to help persons living with a mental illness connect with the appropriate supports in the community.

Education: Assists participants in learning more about their illness, medications, side-effects and other available treatment options.

Individual and Self Advocacy: Offers advocacy services to participants while teaching advocacy skills so that the individual feels comfortable advocating on their own behalf.

I will also be facilitating / co-facilitating the following programs:

The Self Help Connection serves the entire province in terms of providing support and training for those involved with Support Groups  and equips them with the tools to get the groups off the ground as well as keeping a directory of every self help group in Nova Scotia.
Some of the other services they offer include, but are not limited to:
  1. Entrepreneurship & Employability Enhancement
  2. Informatics Education (WRAP program, communication technologies…starting a website, blogs, logos, etc)
  3. Self Help Group Development
  4. Etc
I am really excited to have this opportunity to work with this organization, feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions!