Are you a non-profit organization? Looking for strADDegies for both your employees and clients? I offer some great 1/2 days workshops!

Examples of workshops include:

“The top 10 ways to transition into post-secondary, the workplace or entrepreneurship with ADHD & Co-Occurring Conditions”
“Out of focus” – Understanding the Emotional Rollercoaster of ADHD
“Flash Anger” – Tips on how to create a pause and break the cycle of rage.

Check out this “partial list” of non-profit organizations who have hired me to facilitate workshops throughout Nova Scotia:

* Centre for Entrepreneurship and Educational Development
* Teamwork Cooperative and the Workbridge
* Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network
* The Self Help Connection
* MetroWorks
* Future Works (3 times)
* Community Justice Society
* Options Program
* Phoenix Youth
* Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre
* Supportive Housing for Young Mothers
* Joachim Stroink Community Town Hall
* Employment Solutions Society
* Community Inc
* Employment Opportunities Partnership
* West Nova Inclusive Employment Society