Are you an educator? Looking for strADDegies in the classroom? How about a some first person perspective to help inspire your students? Call me today!

Some examples of workshops / training I offer for educators are:

“StrADDegies in the classroom”
“Out of focus” – Understanding what makes your ADHD student tick.
“The top 10 ways to succeed at post-secondary as a student with ADHD and Co-Occurring conditions”
“10 easy steps to navigate the maze of up to $10,000 per year in Post-Secondary Disability Services grants”
“Emotions Management Techniques” – Strategies for controlling flash anger
“The ADHD Friendly Writing Template” – Teach any student how to write any size paper or assignment with confidence!

Some examples of educational institutions I have provides workshops for include, but are not limited to:

* NSCC (Waterfront, IT, Akerley, Truro, Lunenburg, Marconi, Pictou, etc)
* Dalhousie University
* Cape Breton University
* School Plus Program
* Hawthorn Elementary School (for students in a grade 6 class)

Contact me today to book a workshop at your place of work!