The first StrADDegies for Success workshop on February 27th, 2016 for youth in transition to post secondary and their parents was a great success!


On Friday February 27th, 2016 I put together the first “StrADDegies for Success” workshop at the Royal Bank Theatre in the Halifax Infirmary.

We had close to 30 participants register for the day, which is great considering it was the first one and that it was organized in under a month.

In the morning, in an interactive lecture format, I went over stats and introduced the process of getting a formal diagnosis of ADHD as well as some of the somewhat limited treatment options in Nova Scotia. I then went on to introduce the local, provincial and federal resources that do exist. Being as this particular workshop focused on youth in transition, we spent a significant amount of time talking about Post-Secondary Disability Services Grants and how to maximize them in youths transition to post-secondary.

After an hour break, we reconvened in the afternoon with a presentation by Bonnie Waugh M.A.S.P. (Psychologist). Bonnie led the group in an interactive discussion, through the process of acquiring a great psycho-educational assessment. Bonnie also got into explaining how ADHD is often misdiagnosed as other disabilities or vice versa. In addition, she helped the group understand how learning disabilities can often mask themselves as attention deficits and what signs or symptoms to look for in separating the two.

Finally, we wrapped up the day with a Q&A session as well as introduced a series of workshops that we will be offering this spring / summer (still ironing out the details) targeted at helping high functioning youth in their transition to life beyond high school.

I have a 3-day training course coming out this spring / summer (Location TBA) for $649+HST

DAY 1 – Morning – Students bring in their completed psych-ed assessments and we go through them with a highlighter with Bonnie Waugh (psychologist) to answer any questions. In the afternoon, we talk about self-advocacy and strADDegies around assertively seeking accommodations both in school and in the workplace.

DAY 2 – Morning – Introduction to post-secondary student services, applying for grants. Afternoon – Personal development, Executive Function, Challenging Limiting Beliefs, etc. . .

DAY 3 – Morning – Organization. Afternoon – Time Management strategies ($100 extra fee for organization system and agenda)

BONUS – Last week in AUGUST – Free 30 minute 1-on-1 session – I will meet with all my students / parents who have signed on for coaching throughout the school year, before school starts, to answer any outstanding questions.

Students will also have the options to purchase the following:
1.Binder and Agenda ($100)
2.The Executive Function Workbook – $20
3.Career assessment with 2 hours of 1-1 transition planning ($279)
4.Assistance filling out government paperwork (grants, scholarships, ($Call for more info)
5.1-on-1 Coaching (45 minute weekly coaching session + check-in’s by text or email) – $75 session for students and $100 session or everyone else ($50 session may be subsidized through post-secondary disability services for a Learning Strategist once they are enrolled full-time at school and qualify for PSDS Funding for the year).

I am the only one in the province at this rate and who specialized in ADHD, executive function, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other challenges relating the learning disabilities and mental health challenges.

Interested in registering for this program or finding out more? Call Keith Gelhorn at 902-580-2343 or email me at for more information.