Awesome feedback from my workshop at the Literacy Nova Scotia PD Conference for Practioners on April 1st 2016!

Thank you for presenting at the Literacy Nova Scotia PD Conference for Practitioners – March 31 – April 1.
Below are the comments collected on our evaluation/feedback forms on your session.


SStrADDegies for Success in your Transition to Post-Secondary

10 people attended

Comments: Why did you select this session? Was it what you expected? What will you take away from it?

· Excellent presentation, great advice for resources

· I have learners who have ADD and would like some ideas on how to help my learners.

· Cover the connection to Metroworks – lots of informative info about services available.

· Very useful – lots of resources – good discussion. Trying to meet the needs of ADHD learners. Excellent resources provided. Be more engaged in accessing resources for ADHD learners.

· A subject of interest – Awesome!! -need I say more – very inspiring – get him again.

· Great presentation. Excellent content. Great, eloquent speaker.

· Excellent – Will certainly be reaching out to Keith for further help. Would love in-depth session # 2 next time! Best session of all!

· Why- To learn strategies to better assist certain learners. – Appreciated that his standard presentation was adapted to speak to adult learners. Take away – great resources that are available.

· Highlight Session! Amazing! – I would have liked it to be longer. Keith was fantastic. Got more than expected. Awareness about ADHD as well as StrADDegies.