Alana TattrieMy name is Alana Tattrie. I’m from the small rural community of River John in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. In 2011, I attended the Truro, NSCC campus for Human Services and went on to obtain my Diploma in Child and Youth Care in 2013. With a passion for lifelong learning, I decided to continue my studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. In May 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts In Child and Youth Study. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to start my career with ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd upon my graduation and have since completed 2 training programs with JST Coaching and Training:

1) COACHING TEENS AND COLLEGE STUDENTS WITH ADHD – The model is centered on an individualized plan for success, encompassing all life areas for a positive outlook, improved life balance and well-being. ADHD youth coaching offers support, structure, strategies and skills in the areas of executive functioning, attention, focus while increasing self-confidence, self-advocacy and success in all life areas.

In a groundbreaking 2 year coaching research study, the JST coaching model was cited by researchers Self-Control in Postsecondary Settings Students’ Perceptions of ADHD College Coaching and academics as the de facto model for coaching ADHD youth. Released in Fall 2012, the study demonstrated that college students with ADHD can benefit significantly in the areas of skill, will and self-regulation after receiving coaching services using the JST Coaching Model.


In this program, I learned how to:

Shift the coaching process for success with children
Gain an understanding of childhood developmental and behavioral models
Effectively design a coaching alliance that include’s parents
Discover coaching tools for managing accountability and rewards for children
Use coaching forms and contracts to facilitate results with families with children ages 8-12.
Develop effective coaching skills and gain a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies

My title within ADDvocacy is a Child and Youth ADHD Coach / Learning StrADDegist and Social Media Coordinator. I’m also a co-facilitator for strADDegies for Success, which is our signature “Peer-Led” Diverse-Ability and Inclusion Training. We have programing to support high school students in all aspects of their transition to post-secondary as well as programs for educators and employers on how to maximize productivity of this diverse workforce.

My goal is to support children, youth, and adults with various barriers to learning. Together, we will create strADDegies which will help foster growth and develop a skill-set that will lead you to future success!

Current Volunteer Positions:

1) River John Action Society – Board of Directors
2) River John Score Preschool – Board of Directors
3) River John Resource Center – Board of Directors
4) Big Brothers / Big Sisters Truro – In School Mentor