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A career that started in skilled trades quickly changed when the British Columbia-based company that Keith Gelhorn was working for cut its staff from 77 to four in six months. To make matters more complicated, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) shortly after.

“I had a lot of problems with organization, getting orders right, and following things in a linear path,” says Keith, explaining the symptoms he had before he was diagnosed. “I was good at little pockets of things but couldn’t link everything together,” adding that easy tasks sometimes took him twice as long to complete.

Unsure where his career was going to take him next, Keith decided he’d pursue his first passion in social work—a path he was told not to take years before. “I wanted to get into social work when I was coming out of high school and going into university but it took me about four years to do two years worth of school,” he explains. “When I came out of two years of college, I tried getting into the University of Victoria but I only had about a 70 per cent average and they wouldn’t let me in.” This led Keith to a ten-year career in skilled trades as a plumber before he started his own business ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching, a service designed to offer support and guidance to people diagnosed with ADHD.

But prior to his entrepreneurial debut, Keith knew he had to do his research. Seeing the thousands of ADHD coaches south of the border, he noticed Canada was lacking in the field. “I thought this would be a good opportunity to go back to school, so the school that I went to is called the ADD Coach Academy in New York,” he says. “The timing wouldn’t work out for it if I stayed in BC, so I relocated [to Nova Scotia] and went to school for disability supports and services, and then did coaching school at night.” Soon after, he started ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching.

Focusing on lessons in organization, time management, relationship building, and educating in ADHD, Keith now coaches 30 students from the Nova Scotia Community College in Eastern Canada, in addition to a contract with non-profit groups throughout the province. And his experience running a business with ADHD himself has been life changing. “I’m always cooking up new ideas and I’m finding it really helpful in terms of being creative,” he says. “A lot of things come to me quickly so the amount that I’ve been able to accomplish in two and a half years of doing this is pretty phenomenal.”

In 2013, Keith took his accomplishments further after he received the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Nova Scotia-based Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN). “That was pretty significant given the fact that I had all these challenges,” he says. “I had such a rocky career over the years so winning that was pretty substantial. The spinoffs from it have been huge.” Now with a seat on the EDN board of directors, Keith was able to land additional contracts, further helping the growth of his two-year-old company.

“It’s just funny that you can take something that was a disability and turn it into a major positive,” he says. “This year, I just got back from a high school tour with a business coordinator from EDN. We talked to high school kids about entrepreneurship and just different alternatives.”

In addition to his full-time coaching career for people with ADHD, Keith continues to encourage entrepreneurship for young people despite their disabilities. “Find out as much as you can about the disability and reach out for mentors and the resources around you. Working for yourself could be extremely rewarding.”

Looking ahead, Keith hopes to fill the support needs for ADHD sufferers throughout Nova Scotia, help other entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses, while also collaborating with other ADHD experts to write a book.

#nsADHD Community Information Session on ADHD

The Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group (Formerly the Youth and Adult ADHD Support Group) are hosting a FREE Community Information Session on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on October 15th from 6:30 to 8:30pm at NSCC (Akerley Campus) in the Cafeteria.
6:00 – 6:30 – Exhibitors set up 
6:30 – 7:00 – Networking and visit booths
7:00 – 7:05 – Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group welcomes everyone to the event
7:05 – 7:30 – Each exhibitor will have 1 minute to introduce their organization or product. 
7:30 – 8:30 – Networking and visit booths
8:30 – 9:00 – Event ends and exhibitors take down booths
 If you are interested or know anyone who is interested in setting up a FREE booth, providing information on your programming or simply coming to network, let us know?  There will be lots of space and I am sure people would love to chat with you “off the clock”.
Examples of exhibitors:
  1. The Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group – #nsADHD facebook.com/groups/nsADHD (formally the Dartmouth Youth and Adult ADHD Support Group)
  2. Chelsea Demings Photography – Official photographer for the Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group & Community Information Session 
  3. JJ Kent Trio – Official ambient music for the night
  4. Stephanie GouldingGraphic Designer for the Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group
  5. ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching – Keith Gelhorn – Educational Strategist / ADHD Coach / Trainer 
  6. Erica Baker & Associates – Bonnie Waugh (Registered Psychologist / ADHD Coach / Psycho Educational Assessments) 
  7. The Self Help Connections – (Support groups, Peer Support, Wellness Recovery Action Plans, Anger Management, Addictions support, etc)
  8. Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network
  9. Teamwork Cooperative & The Workbridge
  10. Sparks Fly – Luke Macdonald putting silent stationary bikes into k-12 classrooms 
  11. YMCA of Greater Halifax / Dartmouth – Employment Centre of Halifax
  12. Nutrition Blueprint / Performance Blueprint /  The Life Pod – Ricky Goodall Nutrition Coach /  Mindfulness Practitioner / Pro MMA Fighter
  13. Laughter Yoga Dartmouth / Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach/ Mental Health First Aid Trainer– Bruce Miller
  14. Canadian Mental Health Association 
  15. Autism Nova Scotia 
  16. Oxford Learning Centres
  17. Sugar Shok Candy – Stacy Cayea – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire / Dartmouth Downtown Business Association community builder
  18. Raven Spirit Reiki – Janet Harrison
  19. Doterra Essential Oils 
  20. Mike Price – Autism Guru
  21. Maggie Lyons – Assitive Technology / Disabilities guru 
  22. Thrive Academic Coaching – Cate Wallace
  23. Investors Group – Rebecca King (Disability Tax Credits)
  24. Common Good Solutions – Social Enterprise
  25. Nova Scotia Peer Support Program – Margie Achibald (Certified Peer Support Specialist)
  26. Eastern Passage Liberal MLA – Joyce Treen
  27. Guardian Pharmacy – Pharmacist to answer medication questions
  28. HR-Pros – Human Resources Pros
  29. Happy 2 Organize – Andrea Josey is a professional organizer
  30. YOUR NAME HERE?  Contact me if you would like to be an exhibitor?  Did I mention it’s *FREE*??
ADHD Awareness Week October 13th to 19th, 2014: The Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group is holding a FREE Community Information Session on Wednesday, October 15th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the cafeteria  of NSCC – Akerley Campus at 21 Woodlawn Rd in Dartmouth.   Our group of dedicated volunteers are committed to raising awareness regarding the over 1 million Canadians who live with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and co-existing conditions.  Did you know that ADHD is the most prevalent child mental health disorder in Canada, impacting over 5% of children? It also impacts 4% of adults, 90% of whom, remain untreated! We will have various information & exhibitors including: local non-profits, community partners, government programs, K-12, post-secondary, job search agencies and entrepreneurship resources.
For more information, Contact Keith @ 902-580-ADHD / NovaScotiaADHDActionGroup@gmail.com or check us out at www.facebook.com/groups/nsADHD or on Twitter #nsADHD
We will also have book and / or poster displays at most of the university, public, school and NSCC libraries throughout the province as well as many local non-profits and community information boards.  I have included the posters below, would you be interested in putting them up?  If you are, please forward me a photo and I will post it to social media along with a thanks to you all as valued community partners!
Hope to see you in on the 15th,
Keith Gelhorn
Founding member of the Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group
Twitter: #nsADHD
www.nsADHD.com (coming soon)
902-580-ADHD (2343)

Happy new year everyone! 2013 was an amazing year!

In January, I secured the ability for ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching to provide coaching at every post secondary institution in Nova Scotia.

In April I was selected as the 2013 Entrepreneur of the year by the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN) as well as voted on their Board of Directors.

In May, I was contracted by the Self Help Connection to facilitate Anger Management Training and provide peer support for their clients.

I graduated with Honors from NSCC with a diploma in Disability Supports and services in June and enrolled at Cape Breton University where I am pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Community Studies.  My contract with the Self Help Connection ended in August but  the following week I secured a contract with the Teamwork Cooperative & the Workbridge providing my services to their clients.

September didn’t start as planned, with a 2 week stint in the hospital but I quickly recovered and my coaching practice was full with 30 NSCC students as well as clients through the Teamwork cooperative. I am looking forward to working with everyone come the new year!  I also added a new support group on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8pm at NSCC (Akerley Campus) in Dartmouth.

In November, I was selected as one of 16 up and coming entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia as a  “High Flier” through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF).  This program runs through June 2014 and is focused on improving sales and marketing.

December was busy, the semester wrapped up and the students and I prepped for a 3 week break from 1-1 coaching.  I wrote the exam to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist and just have the practicum left to do in order to check that off my to-do list.   I was also interviewed and ultimately accepted into another CYBF initiative called the moMENTum program.  This secures 6 months worth of business coaching starting this month and will be a great addition to the High Fliers program as I ramp up for expansion in 2014.

2014 is shaping up to be another exciting year with a lot of great opportunities in the works!   I have my eyes set on expansion, a few national conferences and a province wide contract with EDN that will be rolling out this spring.  I am also fortunate to have some amazing / inspirational clients who are the backbone to the business and wouldn’t be where I am without their determination,  hard work and openness to change.

What are your S.M.A.R.T. Goals  for 2014?

1/2 page spread in the Halifax & Dartmouth Chronicle Herald…great way to end 2013!

1513339_778577438823293_2083031114_nGot some more great press in the Chronicle Herald in the past few days 🙂  This came out in the Halifax Chronicle Herald in the Weekend Metro Edition and in the Dartmouth Edition today!  Not was I voted as the 2013 EDN Entrepreneur of the Year, but I am also a proud member of their Board of Directors.  EDN is an awesome organization that helps entrepreneurs overcome barriers and take their businesses to the next level!

December 2013 – Another great month and more forward moMENTum!

Canadian Youth Business Foundation moMENTum Program


Well, last month I was selected to be a part of the High Fliers club and it is proving to be a great investment of time!  This month, I added a business mentor / coach to the fire 🙂

I have my eyes set on expansion and on a National Conference in June.  Timing couldn’t be better!!

In the early stages of a business, good advice and help navigating the business world are invaluable. That’s why CYBF is offering young entrepreneurs like you, who do not need financing, the exclusive opportunity to work one-on-one with a business mentor through a limited time offer – CYBF moMENTum!

Mentors and entrepreneurs will spend six months working together, building a strong foundation for the business and setting the course for success in the future.


CYBF moMENTum provides you with:

*A mentor to help  you get your business off the ground or take it to the next stage

*One-on-one matching with an experienced mentor that has been pre-screened and trained by CYBF

*Access to CYBF’s community of over 5,000 members including entrepreneurs and mentors through networking and peer-mentoring opportunities (both local and virtual)