13313398_927535200726583_1593945303_oMy name is Chase Valiant and I am going into my final year at the NSCC Waterfront Campus in the Social Services program. Volunteering in my community for different organizations has been something I have done throughout my entire life starting with volunteering in a nursing home at age 12. Since my attendance at NSCC, I have thrived in not only my studies but also outside the classroom, volunteering for my community. The best tool I have cultivated over the years is turning my struggles into action and advocacy.

Upon entering my first year of NSCC, I was struggling with my ADHD but got on my feet with the help Keith Gelhorn (ADHD Coach). I quickly began to reap the rewards of his help and decided to advocate for others, along side him. Keith invited me to share my story on an interview on CTV on adult ADHD as success with ADHD coaching. This became the start of my journey towards the advocacy of others.

More recent activities include building and leading a team of social services students and local musicians to Guatemala to work with children in orphanages (summer of 2016). Film crew and director Wanda Taylor, will be accompanying our team as part of their documentary for the Red Carpet Film Festival.

The biggest “take-a-way” I learned in my first few years in college was not only learning to advocate for myself but also the value of advocating for the diversity of others. Throughout my first 2 years in college, I have walked many paths and collaborated many organizations and people along my way. I have discovered that I am a natural born leader and I view success as meaningless, without bringing the positive change of others alongside me. I hope to one day become an ADHD coach with Keith while pursuing my passion for psychology both in university and as a future career.

In addition to his scholastic and advocacy pursuits, I have also have the privilege to be a published writer in Teens Now Talk and Adoption today. In these articles, I reflect my life, experiences and how my diversity has helped shape the person I am today. All these experiences have help prove how my disability has in turn, become my ability.