ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd. is committed to helping every client (individual or larger organization) achieve and excel in his or her personal and professional life. This is an all-encompassing social mission.

Coaching Goal

Collaboratively, we will Educate and Empower you to proactively ADDvocate for yourself and live your life with purpose and passion.

Owner’s Commitment

“As the owner of ADDvocacy, I have a personal commitment to community involvement.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that it is important to give both time and money in support causes that affect the health and well-being of our community. I have, and will continue to commit, six (4) hours a week to volunteer causes and fundraising efforts.” – Keith Gelhorn

Pro-Bono Policy

ADDvocacy will take on a minimum of two (2) individual cases per year for coaching. It will also provide four (4) free seminars per year to not-for-profit organizations on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and co-occurring neuro-diversities and/or accommodations.

Community Impact

ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd strives towards a greater impact within the mental health community. Our involvement includes:

  • ADHD Awareness Week (national)
  • Mental Health Awareness Week (national)
  • Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week (national)

We are proud to support the following organizations:

  • Nova Scotia ADHD Action Group
  • Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network
  • 100 Men Who Give a Damn Halifax
  • Global Halifax Partnership Network
  • Halifax / Truro Defeat Depression Walk
  • Nova Scotia Mental Health Coalition

Supplier Diversity Policy

At ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd., we understand that a diverse environment, both internally and with our suppliers, facilitates a broader exchange of perspectives and better reflects our society. Ours proactively support suppliers that are owned by underrepresented groups, including businesses owned by:

  • Persons with intellectual and/or physical disabilities
  • Women
  • Aboriginal Persons (meaning a person who is First Nation, Inuit or Metis.)
  • Visible Minorities (meaning a person who is not an Aboriginal Person and who is non-Caucasian in race and non-white in colour.)
  • LGBTQ-owned businesses, small and large

* ownership is defined by 51% share and maintains control in daily operations, including the exercise of policy decisions.

Ethical Conduct

ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for staff, contractors and clients.

Code of Ethics
Staff and contractors represent ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd. within the organization, with clients, colleagues and the community at large. As such, coaches and staff of ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd. must conduct themselves in accordance with the International Coach Federation’s “Code of Ethics”.


All must adhere to the laws of Canada and the provincial/territorial laws in which they work.

At any time if a client is not satisfied by our service or we feel we do not meet their needs, we will refer them to another coach or alternative form of improvement service or therapy.