One-On-One Coaching

Post–Secondary Students

Does the thought of transitioning from high school to college / university scare you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your course and study load? Are you aware of the different learning styles and how they affect the way you learn? Have you been informed of your various rights for accommodations in the classroom and how to self-advocate for them? Are you looking to take control of your own future in your studies and beyond?

Did you know that in Canada, if your register as as a student with a disability at your post-secondary institution of choice, have a current psycho-educational assessment (less than 5 years old) and qualify for at least $1 of student loans, you can access up to $8000 in accommodations? Contact Disability Services at your campus of choice for more information!

How does the $$ break down you ask? Well, you could be eligible for up to $2000 in non-repayable grants per academic year (Check out, a computer and printer or iPad every 5 years, access to assistive technology (Speech-to-text and / or text-to-speech software, noise cancelling headphones, etc), access to educational strategists, tutors, note takers, extra time on exams, alternative text formats all depending on what is laid out in your pych-ed?

My goal is to provide accountability and direct support that will help students self-identify their problem areas, ask for and incorporate assistive technology / accommodations to their academic life and develop specific personal strategies through weekly targeted action plans. This has been proven to empower the student to confidently build a foundation of skills that will last throughout their academic life and beyond.



Are you feeling stuck, unsatisfied or undervalued in your current position? Are you thinking about career transition or advancement but are unsure of what steps to take, what accommodations are available to and how to approach your employer? Are you constantly daydreaming about the next big thing or have the entrepreneurial mindset but don’t know how to turn that into a reality? Or, are you an employer or in HR and want to maximize the productivity and engagement level in your workforce but are at your wits end of how to empower your staff? Coaching can help!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was once thought to only affect hyperactive children and the symptoms would vanish by adulthood. Research has shown this not to be entirely the case. If you were fortunate enough to be diagnosed as child, chances are, you have carried on at least some of the symptoms into adulthood. Statistics show that 1 in 25 adults or have ADHD yet less than 15% have an official diagnosis! The effects of NOT knowing can be extremely damaging to one’s life.


What to Expect:

As your ADHD Coach I am committed to employing the following strategies and more including, but not limited to:

Strategies for success:

  • Increasing the understanding of ADHD/Mental Health Challenges / Executive Function/Learning Disabilities
  • Executive functioning tools – calendars, timers, peer support
  • Learning styles inventory – Identification and education
  • Increasing focus/decreasing distractibility
  • Advocating for accommodations/services
  • Daily routines – personal and academic
  • Relationship building and practicing gratitude
  • Emotions management
  • Setting reasonable and attainable goals
  • Journaling or time tracking
  • Developing mutual and self accountability
  • Open communication with your support network

As part of those strategies, expect to:

  • Use S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound) Goal setting, we will work together to address any self-defeating habits. Then we will construct a solid foundation of self-serving habits that will stay with you throughout your academic life, career and beyond.
  • Understand and practice “Chunking”, or breaking assignments and projects into smaller, more manageable segments.
  • Explore various Barriers to Attention and Strength Based models that will visually help you understand your ADHD
  • Discover the power of positive thinking and flow
  • Learn how to ADDvocate for yourself in academic, career and social settings
  • Learn to manage the emotional highs and lows synonymous with ADHD
  • Integrate assistive technology to enhance your level of success
  • Students – Learn how to access scholarships and bursaries
  • Entrepreneurs – Learn how to access government grants

Through a collaborative approach, we will develop a plan that will serve you in your future endeavors. I am confident that with your participation and dedication to the coaching process, you will feel empowered in knowing that you are in control of your ADHD.

Call me for a FREE 15 minute coaching consultation. Take control of life and get coaching support for your ADHD today!