Learn first-hand from someone who lives with ADHD, depression and anxiety and has developed effective strategies to successfully manage ADHD challenges and support ADHD strengths. (My Bio) Contact me to discuss topic, audience and availability. Presentations or workshops can be customized for your needs and audience.


What exactly is ADHD? At a loss on how to effectively support your students in the classroom? Looking for accommodations and strategies that can be used to help your students reach their full potential? We’ll also explore learning (dis)abilities and mental health challenges that commonly co-occur with ADHD and explore community resources and supports available to your students.


Every person on your team needs to be productive in order for you to succeed. But what can you do when an employee has ADHD? Some of the smartest and most talented people in the world have ADHD and they can also make excellent employees. Learn about ADHD and explore proven, actionable strategies to address ADHD challenges and work towards making the most of strengths as well. We’ll also discuss Duty to Accommodate, which is also part of fostering a healthy, productive work environment for all your employees.

Support Workers

Working with children or adults with ADHD? Learn about ADHD and co-occurring mental health / behavioral and learning challenges. We can help you develop effective, actionable strategies for supporting clients with ADHD, and connect you with valuable community resources.

Students / Employees

Tired of chronic underachievement? Frustrated by flashes of brilliance followed by waves of low self-awareness and self-esteem? Curious as to why relationships (both personal and professional) are so difficult to build and maintain? Empower yourself by learning about how ADHD personally impacts you, as well as 1) Individualized tools to help you to effectively ADDvocate for yourself and our needs 2) strategies to help you thrive both in the classroom and the workplace.

Parents of Youth / Young Adults in Transition

Are you more stressed out about your youth transitioning from high school to college or the workforce than they are? Have you always been the one who advocates for their needs and are concerned they will slip through the cracks without your support? You are not alone! Did you know that the dropout rates are the highest in the first year of college due to students becoming so overwhelmed that they feel the best solution is to quit!

I offer a year-long (Training in November, March, May and August) transition coaching program where I will walk you both and your teen through the process to apply for and maximize post-secondary disability grants (Up to $10,000 per year) and scholarships, equip you and your young adult with resources (organizational time management and behavioral management tips), information to access and apply specific accommodation, , links to community resources, and language for your youth to communicate their needs assertively and effectively to the school. Once they turn 18, it is 100% on the student to advocate for their own accommodations! Contact me for more information! Next intake starts in November 2015!

Keynote Speaking

Looking for a little inspiration? I am also available as a Keynote speaker.


Public Speaking Engagements / Custom Workshops

I am very flexible in terms of tailoring a workshop that fits your organization’s targeted outcomes!

Workshops and Speaking Engagements