“Recently I had the pleasure of having Keith speak at the inaugural 2015 Moving On Up Professional Development Day for learners of the Dartmouth Learning Network, Cunard Learning Centre and Solutions Learning Centre. Keith stands out in a crowd. Yes his 6’7” stature doesn’t hurt, however it is the message of transition that makes him standout. Thank you Keith for sharing your personal story and helping our learners understand that anything is possible.

-Lesley Dunn
Executive Director, Dartmouth Learning Network. www.dartmouthlearning.net/

Keith recently delivered a 3-hr workshop on learning differences & mental health issues to a group of teachers and staff at our school. I can honestly say that it was one of the most relevant and informative professional development sessions that I have ever attended. The combination of anecdotes from his own personal experience with learning differences along with the interactive nature of his presentation was very effective and greatly appreciated. The valuable service that Keith is providing and the way he is executing this information transfer and meeting a need in the community is highly commendable and a true inspiration to others.

– Barb S.


For the past 3 years, our son James has been a coaching client of Keith Gelhorn, as he worked towards his diploma in Information Technology at NSCC. Although he is very bright, with a high aptitude for technology, James is on the Autism Spectrum and deals with significant OCD and Anxiety. We have also experienced some major family challenges during this period that made it difficult to give James with as much support as we would have liked.

Through it all, Keith has provided a sounding board for James, modeled a positive attitude and introduced many strategies to help James manage his time and tasks. During difficult periods, his service was a life-line that kept James moving forward in spite of set-backs. During the past year, we have seen their work together yielding more and more benefits. James is much more positive, independent and organized, showing increasing initiative and self-advocacy. He has completed all the course work for his IT diploma and is now focused on seeking employment. Keith has provided us with a wealth of information and contacts in this area too, and has been great about keeping our family informed of James’s progress.

Keith’s services were one of the best investments we could have made toward our son’s academic goals and personal growth. We have no doubt that the skills he has learned will benefit him long after he graduates.

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah Hale
James graduated from NSCC IT Campus in June of 2016

Throughout the 2 years I attended post-secondary (NSCC and Eastern College), Keith’s support was instrumental in not only helping me complete my diploma with an 83% average but also as a lifeline of support through some challenging life circumstances.

A huge benefit of coaching was Keith’s knowledge of community resources and the fact that he personally connected me with them. This was much more beneficial than merely giving me a phone number and leaving me on my own to struggle through that process. Keith also helped me fill out government paperwork, which has proved challenging over the years due to my learning disabilities.

Derrick R.
Graduated Eastern College in June 2016


As a former business owner, I thought I had my organizational skills honed to perfection. I was skeptical about the referral to Keith in the summer of 2014. As it turned out, he was much more than a coach and strategist. He was able to offer useful approaches that I incorporated into my planning and he could relate to the extent of the pressure I was under from firsthand experience. He kept me on track during those times I considered leaving the program. He was a strategist, a counselor, and a person I could trust with my insecurities. With Keith’s help, I finished the first year of my Bachelor of Education degree with a 4.225 GPA – that’s an A+ in all but two courses! I recommend him highly and hope to work with him again through the second year of my degree. Thanks, Keith! You’re amazing!

Ken P.
Client through Teamwork Cooperative and the Workbridge Mount Saint Vincent University. 2014-2015

In September 2014, we contracted Keith Gelhorn through NSCC where my son, Tyler, was attending his first year of secondary school. The relationship started out being a place where my son could check in, learn to organize, keep on track of his school work, someone to talk to who would understands and someone to help get him through that first year of transition from high school. But for Tyler, it ended up being a whole lot more. Sometimes Tyler just struggles with life and needs that extra boost, a pep talk, or someone to help him figure out how to handle the situations.

Tyler, has Aspergers, ODD, ADHD and Tourette Syndrome. As a mother, I struggled letting my son go to an adult school where I couldn’t watch over him. As the new school year began, my son was thriving, but it didn’t take long before he starting falling. He was unorganized, anxious, missing classes, lazy and becoming extremely overwhelmed. Keith met with us and together we discussed Tyler’s difficulties and needs. Keith got right on top of this and starting working on problem-solving these issues. He has this way of getting through to the young adults, he “clicks” with them, he understands. Keith began to meet with him more and he graciously met with me on several occasions as well, we exchanged a few phone calls. He has always listened and addressed all my concerns.

As my son prepares for this upcoming school year, Keith has agreed to come aboard and assist Tyler with preparing for his new journey. They will meet this summer and start preparing for September. Tyler will be attending school away from home this time and living in residence. At first, I was scared, but knowing that he has support from Keith defiantly eases my fear.
There were quite a few times when my son felt defeated with school and life, Keith managed to get him back on track and back at school. Keith is a great support for my son, he is always there and I mean that literally, he is just a text or phone call away, anytime. Without Keith in our lives, I am most definitely sure my son would not have come as far with his successes. Today, my son continues to thrive and I see better things to come in his future. Some of that achievement is owed to people like Keith who care, this is not a job to him, this is someone who wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Thank you Keith.

Lauri MacDougall
Son attended NSCC Waterfront Campus from 2014-2015.

Keith is a great mentor. When I first began to work with Keith I did not know much about ADD/ADHD and was completely lost on what to do. After I began to work with him, I was finally able to understand what it is and how to work with it. It was great to be able to have someone who understands and someone who is able to help me work with what I have. Meeting with Keith once a week was a great way for me to learn how to keep focus and it also gave me something to look forward to. He helped me figure out what things worked for me and what didn’t and what I can do to make things for me. He helped me stay committed by having the meetings every week for progress reports, and to set new goals every week. I would honestly recommend him to anyone with ADD/ADHD that is struggling academically as he was an incredible help to me in my first year of Community College.

-Amanada B.
2014-2015 Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus – Human Services Student


I just began working with Keith and so far, everything we have covered has been such a great help!! Highly recommend him and his services to anyone who is considering reaching out for a bit more guidance!! 🙂
-Nicole C.
2014-2015 Nova Scotia Community College – Waterfront Campus – Business Student

Keith has been heaven sent. He helped manage my ADD in brought me to record results in a short period of time. I was a student at NSCC in Yarmouth struggling with time management and anxiety (writing my tests). Keith gave me the tools to manage my school work and to overcome anxiety during the rest of the school year. I ended up with a huge improvement in my marks and a great overall average.
Thank you Keith, you come highly recommended!
-Angela A.
2015 Nova Scotia Community College – Yarmouth Campus – Academic and Career Connection Student

If you are someone who gets stressed, anxious or even depressed, Keith will help! Many times I felt like I had lost my head but Keith was always there to help me find it and screw it back on!
– Liam B.
2014-2015 Nova Scotia Community College – Waterfront Campus – Industrial Engineering Technology Student

I thought your workshop on “The top 10 ways to succeed at post-secondary with ADHD & co-occurring conditions” was great! Your approach to supporting students with ADD/ADHD mirrors the approach we take in DS which is to support the individual, not the diagnoses. I like how you spent a lot of time humanizing ADD/ADHD. Very effective.

-Cindy Cook
Disability Services Coordinator for NSCC
2015 – Contracted me to develop and facilitate training for instructors in the Adult Learning Program


“Keith is a town hero. He’s a real local hero to me, so if he says, ’jump,’ I go do it,” says Luke MacDonald, a project advisor on the Sparks Fly program, which helps provide exercise bikes to classrooms for the use of kids with hyperactivity issues. “I’m really inspired by that guy…who knew we could pull together 40 booths in two weeks?”

-Luke MacDonald is a hero in his own right with the Sparks Fly Program! www.facebook.com/SparkBrainBikes


Your business offers a much-needed service and aligns perfectly with NSCC’s vision for improving the quality of life for Nova Scotians.

We are very proud of what you are accomplishing both here at NSCC and in your business. We wish you continued success in all you do.


-Judith Limkilde
2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Dean of Health and Human Services


Keith is a wealth of information about ADHD Coaching – what it is, how it works, why it works, how it’s different than tutoring and peer support.  I particularly enjoyed hearing about his experience of ADHD and how it has led him to this work – as well as his examples of working with students at Truro.  He brought a thorough package of information with him sharing the skills he has acquired through his training and strategies/tools he uses in coaching.

-Ruth Fraser
2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Manager of Disability Services


I can attest to the fact that AD/HD Coaching has been extremely beneficial to all of the students involved as well as to me as a Disability Resource Facilitator. It is a pleasure to work with Keith and to watch the development of his endeavors.

-Joy LaRusic
2011-2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus – Disability Resource Facilitator


 Excerpt from a letter of recommendation for a scholarship I received in 2013:

Although I have a variety of examples to reflect on where Keith demonstrated his leadership and advocacy skills for others with disabilities I think the one I will emphasis is his tireless work to bring Peer Support Initiatives to Truro Campus. Keith came to Truro with the lived experience of the challenges a person with ADHD has in education and life. He knew there was a need for others who have a similar experience and he worked tirelessly to advocate for the reality of a support group which when established was the ADHD power hour. This group ran during the 2011 -12 academic year and although the name might be different many individuals are still reaping the benefits this year. Keith has taken his dedication to helping others to many faculty and staff at NSCC but more recently to Dalhousie University where he has expanded the knowledge base of staff who support students with disabilities and administrators. Keith’s work inside and outside NSCC is a perfect example of how one person can truly make a difference for many. I believe through Keith’s work our NSCC community is richer because we have more students able to cope and be successful in their goals and dreams. Keith is a fierce advocate, a fantastic role model and a dedicated student that has figured out how to be successful even with his challenges and is not afraid to share his experience to help others. Keith has come full circle and realizes that even with challenges there are gifts. The world better look out because he is just getting started!! I am a huge fan and consider it a privilege to share the majority of my working week in the company of such wonderful people like Keith.

Keith demonstrates a high level of commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm in his studies as well as his extracurricular work supporting fellow students not to mention his coaching. Keith is a very dedicated and motivated worker who quickly gained the respect of his fellow students. Keith is as huge asset in the classroom as well as Truro Campus and NSCC as a whole. Keith has a genuine interest in being involved with all individuals acknowledging the importance of inclusion, interdependence, diversity and individuality. Keith is a person who strives daily to put his best foot forward while working diligently towards his educational goals and career dreams. Keith does a tremendous amount for other students and staff at NSCC and beyond in his advocacy work not to mention his service learning, volunteer work and the opportunities he embraces to educate others.

-Vicki Mac Kinnon, BHue, MEd
2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus – Instructor of Human Services: Disability Supports and Services


Dear Keith,

Thank you for presenting to our group in March of 2015, your presentation style and information was very well received.   The transparent way in which you presented your personal journey added credibility to this topic.  It became clear to us, after your presentation, many folks could relate to your story through their own experiences.  Thank you for your willingness to educate on this most important topic.

Crystal Hill, BSW, RSW                                    Glenda Talbot-Richards, BA, B.Ed.

Lifeworx Facilitator                                          Lifeworx Facilitator


“Keith Gelhorn is the real deal”

Keith’s ability to draw on his own lived experience of the challenges ADD symptoms present allows him to offer coaching / peer support; igniting a spark of hope, as he models empowerment for those of us he works with. He has successfully educated himself about ADD, taking steps to utilize all the positive traits and behaviors associated with the disorder, adapting positive changes to minimize the negative impact that ADD has had in his life. My experience with these behaviors and habits have posed major challenges in daily living, as well as interfering with healthy development of self-awareness, self-esteem, hampering personal growth and leading to poor mental health. Working with Keith has given me the opportunity to recognize how and why ADD symptoms have been manifesting themselves as negative habits and behaviors in my life. I have been able to identify these issues, and make positive changes to minimize their negative impact, as well as developing insight and learning to draw on the positive traits and behaviors associated with ADD.

-Margie Archibald
2011-2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus- Disability Supports and Services Student


I owe a lot of my success in college to Keith Gelhorn’s facilitation of the bi-weekly ADHD Empowerment Hour at NSCC (Truro Campus)
For the first time in my life, I know I am not stupid, crazy, or a wreckless time bomb set to go off… 🙂
I would like to thank Mr. Gelhorn for being there to answer all the questions I may have about my issues with ADD/ADHD.  Maybe you too will have the chance to discuss these and many other issues with him.
For anyone considering attending Keith’s support groups, this hour every two weeks has indeed added structure to my life in a very positive way :)”
— T.D.
Keith has inspired me to re-evaluate my future and helped structure a pathway to accomplish this.  He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people with ADHD.  I would have no hesitation to recommend his coaching services.  With his guidance I was able to see that I have had the desire all along to change and he helped me to discover how to bring that to the surface.  I feel confident and enlightened heading into my future and will always cherish this transformative  time in my life.
—  R.H.

“I never had any idea of how to actually deal with my ADD until I started working with Keith Gelhorn.”

– Kyle
2012-2013 Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus – IT student


I feel Peer Support is very beneficial. Since I have started working with Keith, I have been able to open up about a range of subjects. Although I am able to do this with my OT, the difference with Keith, is that he was not only able to give me feedback but also able to hook me up with different resources like career help and  financial literacy programs. I feel that I am in a more comfortable and laid back setting with Keith than when I was meeting with a doctor or an OT.  Keith has been very supportive and on more than one occasion, complimented me on how much I have changed since I first met him. I think that Peer Support is a vital resource in the Mental Health Community and there will be a definite gap when his contract ends at the Self Help Connection.
2013 Self Help Connection – Dartmouth – Client of mine in my role as a Peer Support Consultanta


I don’t think that I could possibly make you understand how good the Anger Control Course has been for me. I’m just a totally different person because the course helped me in so many different ways. It is just so revalent to so many situations in my life. I just know when to walk away now where before it was “bring it on baby because I can’t wait to make your life miserable”. It isn’t always easy to do either sometimes but I just remember about the consequence thing and whether it is worth getting pissed about and most of the time it isn’t.

-Paul (6 months after completing the Anger Control Training I co-facilitated through the Self Help Connection in the summer of 2013).