Strategies on how to communicate with ANGRY ADHD ADULTS…MUST READ!

Strategies on how to communicate with angry ADHD adults This is an article everyone who has ADHD or know’s someone with ADHD who suffers from Flash Anger ( anger that comes out of nowhere…leaves a wake of destruction…then quickly subsides)…there is a right way and a dangerous (WRONG) way to handle someone in this state!

12 Things High School Students w/ ADHD Would Like Their Teachers to Know

12 Things High School Students w/ ADHD Would Like Their Teachers to Know 12 Things High School Students with ADHD want their teachers to know **the list was complied from Teens w/ ADHD 1) I really do forget things, I am not trying to be smart, sassy or arrogant, I simply do not always remember. The myth… Read more »

There is an amazing new service in Nova Scotia called 211 which links Nova Scotian’s to thousands of social, health and Community Services from the comfort of their own home

By dialing 211 or visiting the 211 website, users can easily and quickly connect to the social, health and community services they need, anywhere in the province, regardless of where they’re located! Search ADHD for example and up pops all my groups front and center!  (copy and paste the link below)! Watch for 2… Read more »

Dr. Heather Gelhorn PhD in Behavioral Genetics (and also my sister) releases study on The Co-occurrence of Reading Disorder and ADHD The co-occurrence of reading disorder (RD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has received increasing attention. This review summarizes the epidemiology, treatment strategies, psychosocial impact, and economic burden associated with the co-occurrence of these conditions. Common genetic and neuropsychological deficits may partially explain the high degree of overlap between RD and ADHD. Children who face the… Read more »