Hot off the press: ADDvocacy Information Packets

I have been working hard all summer to be prepared for this upcoming school year.  Today, I was able to print off the first wave of information for my coaching clients this fall.  In just over a week we will be back to school and I intend to help my clients get organized, reduce anxiety… Read more »

Do you want to know exactly what an ADHD Coach does?

People are always asking me what i can offer as an ADHD Coach.  I recently came across this blog post by my mentor and the president of the ADD Coach Academy, where I completed my training last spring.  David Giwerc is a Master Certified ADHD Coach and describes what an ADHD Coach can do for… Read more »

I just found out that I am a Garfield Weston Award Semi-Finalist…

Just found out that I am a semi finalist for the Garfield Westin Award…Interview on Thursday (May 2nd)…wish me luck! Upper Year W. Garfield Weston Awards The W. Garfield Weston Awards program will distribute up to 25 Upper Year W. Garfield Weston Awards to students currently enrolled in college or CEGEP studies in Canada for… Read more »